Freezer Meals

I have a pretty  busy lifestyle. Between work, school, homework, and everything in between, I felt like I was always cooking or cleaning the kitchen. It’s so endless. Man do I appreciate all that my mom did for me growing up. I needed a change, because I haven’t been living the most healthy of a lifestyle especially lately.

I have heard a lot about these freezer meals. Basically you prep and make all your meals ahead of time. Then when you are ready for that  meal you either crock pot it all day or bake it in the oven for about an hour. It’s simple. (and bonus it’s supposed to save me money)

It has been a challenge but it took me about two hours and I have prepped enough for twelve meals.

Prepping twelve meals was is almost enough for two weeks and I have only spent $30. Spending about $2.50 a meal which is only $1.25 a meal per person. I am amazed at how much more time I have on my hands. This little thing has been a life saver and I’ve only been at it for a week.

With time I think I can get even better. That’s all from AllyCat93.

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If you like this post and want more on freezer cooking and recipes let me know… It could be a new regular thing in my blog if you like.

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